Patient Reviews


  • Psychological Preparation

    Imagine two different scenarios. Patient being prepared for lumbar discectomy and has been prepared by his physician. The patient has good family support with a satisfying occupation. He also enjoys outdoor activities but is frustrated of the pain and disability imposed by the herniated disc. Patient has not been depressed in the past and is […]

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  • Outpatient Surgery

    The two categories of surgery are inpatient and outpatient surgery. Inpatient surgery simply means that the patient is admitted to the hospital after the procedure. Nursing care, pain medications, and support is provided while the patient remains in hospital and is discharged home when stabilized. In contrast, outpatient surgery refers to procedures after which the […]

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  • Blood Transfusions

    Most surgeries don’t require blood transfusions and most surgeons will try to avoid these transfusions if possible. However, if you absolutely need a transfusion several options exist that you should be aware of. The patient always has a right to refuse a blood transfusion, but this decision may have life threatening consequences. The information below […]

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